The Unit

We’ve done a lot of things at the poetry workshop this year at The Unit.  From exploring the senses, to our dreams, mythology and science, and mysterious objects.

It’s fantastic to observe and see how each participant is changing from workshop to workshop and how their poetry and artistic expression is changing too.

To begin with things were quite simple and structured, this was to help make the creative process comfortable and for the group to get used to sharing.

Very early on I came up with a make a poem template tool.  Which you can see from the picture below are a series of statements \ beginning sentences.



These were followed with a set of questions, such as name a flower, name a tree, what is your favorite time of year, pick one knives or forks.

During the exercise we all wrote down our answers to these questions, on separate pieces of paper, we then shuffled them, and marked each one with a number on the back.

Then we matched the number, with it’s corresponding sentence to fill in the blank.




This meant we each ended up with an individual poem each, such as

My heart is claustrophobic
As strong as sushi
My mind is Athena
As clever as night
I know all there is to know about Hedgehogs

My eyes are Autumn
As warm as Orchids
My soul is knives
As rich as starlings
I know all there is to know about muggle quidditch

I am turquoise
Unending like ash.

After this we explored adding to the sentences, and then discussed, whether we preferred the short one word answers to the sentences or the longer ones, and what it was about them we liked.

Our next exercise was to pick pieces of paper I had prepared from two different envelopes.

028 029


We matched the words from the two different envelopes together randomly to get things like, “The beach of burnt toast.”

Then the group was invited to create a poem using the metaphors they had picked from the envelopes.

033 034

This was our final exercise of the week and we ended by thinking about next week and everyone decided they would bring in a favorite poem to share.

Courtney reading her poem.


We look forward to what next year will bring for poetry at The Unit