Summer 2015

Summer is flying away and I’m already looking ahead to September and a new term.  This means exciting things happening at The Units, poetry workshop and work has already begun on our next project.

There seems to be lots of projects cropping up all over the place at the moment, it must be all this sunshine and rain.  The Salisbury Fringe is heading our way and I am currently working on two pieces of written work.  One a collaboration with artists that is to be read out at the Fisherton Mill as part of the fringe and another inspired by an object from the well worth a visit Salisbury Museum.  Both these pieces of work are going to be read out by professional actors, so I’m really looking forward to hearing their interpretations of all the participants words.

As well as this there have been a few posts for competitions flashed up on my Facebook wall, so I will share these with links at the bottom of this post.  One of which is a short story and flash fiction competion for Dragonfly tea, and there is also an enticing opportunity for a poet to become resident in the house Jack Kerouac stayed in whilst writing Dharma Bums.


I am currently in contact with Salisbury Library with the hope of bringing a workshop into the community and the library space.

Plain Arts Salisbury are delighted to announce that this years paint off is to be held in the guild hall square.  I am in contact with them to see if I can be one of many entertainers and poets that will be collaborating at this the sixth paint off event in Salisbury.

A photo from The Poetry Busk organised by Liz Lefoy at Wenlock Poetry Festival

A photo from The Poetry Busk organised by Liz Lefoy at Wenlock Poetry Festival

I’m glad to say I have finished my first ever poetry film which is due to be shown at Poetry Swindons Festival 2015.

It is with much excitement I look forward to October and the Poetry Swindon Festival, a highlight of my poetry year, I will once again be volunteering and every year I am shocked at how good the line up is.  Maybe I’l see you there.

Poetry Swindon Festival

Short Story Competition

Jack Kerouac Residency 

Plain Arts Salisbury Paint Off