A Tenner For The Boot

Welcome to A Tenner For The Boot.  This is an artistic project I have designed which deals with a variety of instruments.

The first is a monthly car boot.  At the Fire Station in Salisbury.  The second is a ten pound note.

Let me explain.

Every month I go to the car boot, and every month I spend exactly ten pounds no more, no less.  I use my eyes and heart and mind and water or whatever it is to find and choose certain items.

I then write a poem about the item, or sometimes more than one.

After writing the poems I then add the instrument of enterprise to the project, by selling the items on ebay.

If I make less than ten pounds, then I have less money to take to the car boot for next months items.
If I make more than ten pounds, all profits are put aside to be donated to charity.

Here is a sample from “A Tenner.”  I hope you enjoy it.

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    2 thoughts on “A Tenner For The Boot

    1. madeleine gordon-hughes

      Hi George
      What a brilliant idea and a fun way to express your finds as well as give to worthy courses….great website xx


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